First Career Move

First Career Move

Know yourself and the next step up …


Seb is a talented writer and has a passion to see his work in production and publication. He wanted to move from rural Kent to London to establish himself and realise his dream. Most pressing was to develop some job options that would enable him to continue writing whilst supporting himself in London.

After a period of mentoring and coaching focusing on self presentation, Seb moved to London, found somewhere to live, completed an intensive secretarial course and now acts as an Executive Assistant with Deloitte, global management consultants and accountants. Seb has had a short play produced at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and is completing a full length play.

Seb writes: ‘As outcomes can be simply defined, we tend to formulate simple plans to achieve them – discounting the realities of setbacks, disappointments and mis-steps. Support, guidance and encouragement are vital when these happen to keep us on track. Philip provided me with all of these through our established pattern of regular contact, one that was consistently orientated towards achievable goals. This maintained a confidence in myself that I was capable and that the way ahead always remained open. Without these, I wouldn’t have persevered with training and taken the chances that came along, which resulted in me achieving my desired outcome.’


Calvin, a marketing graduate was preparing for his second interview for a job with a leading City SEO consultancy. He had got through the first stage on several occasions before and not been selected for the 2nd interview – this time he really wanted to get the role.

The focus was on preparation, being memorable and particularly ‘what’s in it’ for each party. After a successful 2nd interview, Calvin was asked to research and present a market analysis project to the MD. Preparation support focused on effective communication of the content for the audience – a key requirement of the role. Calvin was selected for the job.

Calvin says: ‘Having graduated in Marketing, I was looking for a career that was relevant to my degree and suited my skills in this area. I found job interviews to be stressful events, mainly because of the uncertainty about what an interviewer looks for in a candidate, coupled with the difficulty of getting interviews for graduate positions in the current climate. I found the advice and coaching that Philip provided prior to my interview to be of great value and directly contributed to my success in getting my career started. The advice often given by many recruitment specialists is vague at best: however, Philip offered an insight into what makes a candidate stand out from the crowd and gave strong, coherent advice that was directly relevant to my situation. I would highly recommend his services in this area.’


Jamie, a bright and energetic young under graduate had been selected for his first real job interview, a job about which he was uncertain. His main motivation was to earn some money to fund an extended trip to Africa. He needed help with two areas – firstly, preparation for a formal interview and a presentation followed by Q&A. He was also seeking more clarity about how well the role might fit with where he would really like to make his first career move.

After a one-off 2 hour session, Jamie was more aware of his own expectations and also the needs of the interviewing company. Specifically, how to introduce himself and his strengths in their context. Jamie was offered the job which he ultimately turned down. He has subsequently secured his dream role working in African travel which includes regular paid for month long travel to his favourite continent.


Haymanot is a talented artist. Originally from Ethiopia and a victim of torture, she has asylum in UK and has lived here for 11 years. She seeks to support herself preferably using her natural talent and abilities (singing, song writing, clothes making, photographer, web design and gifted professional portrait and abstract painter) as a means of securing tangible sustained income. Key for Haymanot is for her to play to her strengths.

After a short period of coaching and on-going mentoring, Haymanot is focusing on her singing and writing and now has begun to gain a flow of regular paid gigs with a band. An introduction to a commercial agent and technical coach, has also been encouraged to focus on her portrait painting and she now has a growing reputation. Her continuing aim is to become completely self-sufficient from earnings from her art.

‘I recommend Philip to everyone that needs a professional help given with a friendly approach’ (Sic)