Emerging Talent

Emerging Talent

… Lead yourself


The client is a leading Senior Professional heading up a specialist Construction Consultancy team based in UK with a global reach. A naturally ambitious and resilient person, at the time he was beginning to feel frustrated with his pace of progression both personally and professionally.

He sought to be more clear and motivated about the future and develop some options for a next career move. Over time, a number were explored in detail including a possible new overseas strategic opportunity. Ultimately, the client chose to join a larger more dynamic firm in the same sector to lead the growth of their UK based Business. Darwin Whitty now provide support to him and his new director group to deliver their global strategy to 2020.


The client is a young and very able neurosurgeon who was facing significant challenges and choices at work including a possible change of role; this alongside the need to be available during an unexpected family crisis.

Her aim was to gain perspective, clarity and options around the potential role change, which was likely to involve relocation; also around emotional and practical support for family. At the heart of this was her response to governing change.

The outcome saw her secure a first choice new role and relocation within 6 months. She completed an iWAM work values and motivation inventory and from the feedback gained insight, fresh energy and renewed self belief for the transition and beyond.


This young professional was promoted to Director where the scope of her role increased to include the development of the project she was leading. A successful outcome would see an extension of the commission and more work for her firm and colleagues. She was also tasked with raising the profile of women in her profession both within the business and externally.

One specific desired outcome for coaching was to be more confident and motivated around ‘growing the business’ and attending networking and other events where the likely outcome was open – being less motivated where there is no obvious ‘task’.

From a position of being distinctly negative about business development and building new relationships, this client is becoming a leader in her own area with a growing reputation within the profession. She has also secured a wider remit on her commission by significantly increasing her area of influence.