Senior Leaders & teams

Senior Leaders & teams

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The client already has an established reputation and through a highly effective collaborative new business development effort, the organisation was awarded a highly prestigious contract within the International aviation sector. The new team which he was heading up included some more senior specialists who had fairly traditional operating modes. The priority task was to gain the confidence of the client, implement change almost immediately whilst communicating a new vision for the whole team based on the client’s expectations.

The focus of the coaching was to help the coachee establish rapport and develop a leadership style appropriate for a wide variety of senior colleagues to influence them to adopt new approaches to secure the desired outcome for the principal client.

This demanding assignment is ongoing and continues to evolve successfully. The coachee has invested time in key relationships and now finds that he has a resource to draw on which was unavailable at the outset. This has taken time and enables him to maintain control and ensure that the ultimate outcome is delivered for all parties.

‘Philip has been an excellent coach. He has helped me to…adapt my behaviour to get the best from those around me in different situations’


The client is a Director of a major Construction company and responsible for maximising the potential of technology in all sectors as a catalyst for strategic growth. As a newly appointed Director, a wide level of influence at all senior levels is key. The focus for the intervention was to help the client raise his profile and be heard more effectively within a busy traditional culture where the task generally has priority.

Key senior stakeholders were identified and a successful strategy adopted to build rapport and influence aligned with the financial and commercial aims of the business. David has a growing reputation for securing new business, innovation and building an excellent team.

‘I began working with Philip having received several early promotions at a relatively young age.  Philip creates an excellent environment for coaching which has enabled me to be open and share my experiences.  Philip has coached me to examine situations from an alternative perspective, which has helped me to make mature and balanced decisions… Consequently I am able to be far more self-sufficient and apply what I have learnt on a daily basis.  I will certainly attribute a significant proportion of any future success to what I have learnt by working with Philip’.


This client, a lawyer, left a large regional legal firm to establish his own practice. He needed support in developing a personal and business strategy to deliver sustainable growth. This required focus on both quality of professional services and building existing and new relationships. 18 months on Rob’s business is growing and he is achieving his desired balance between work and family life.

‘… many of the building blocks and mentoring provided by Philip have enabled me to stay positive, focused … and allowed my business to grow’


A category development controller in a multi-national FMCG business, Graham is an able senior executive with a new team in a particularly fast paced and competitive market. His overarching aim is to lead his team to a new level of performance and flex his style to motivate all members effectively.

An intervention of performance coaching raised Graham’s awareness of his own natural style and how to meet others where they are by adjusting his own pace and focus. He is now being put forward to take on more responsibility within the wider business.

‘I’d highly recommend Philip to anyone who is looking to develop areas of their leadership behaviour.’


This senior and highly experienced international professional services MD elected to align his business area with the ambitious growth targets of the wider global business. His desired outcome was to delegate more authority to his team and so take up his new global role within the business. This required a step change from his specialist Director Group – most of whom were more motivated to act alone than collaboratively. It also called upon them to develop and implement their Business Development plan. It was further clear that significant future sustained growth was likely to come from other large corporate relationships largely controlled by other areas of the business.

A personal and team leadership development plan was agreed and launched. This included a diagnostic and feedback initial phase to identify gaps in awareness and behaviour followed by a phase of coaching to ‘close the gaps’. A 2 day self managing leadership programme revealed how little the team knew each other and provided an effective time for building rapport and learning. This provided a sound basis on which to develop the business vision and develop a strategic business plan which is now successfully underway.

For the client MD the development of his Director Group has enabled each member to grow and take on more responsibility for the delivery of the plan and client has been more free to develop the global reach of the business whilst keeping an influence on overall performance.

‘I worked with Philip as part of the performance coaching with my team … My team’s Director feedback was unanimously positive and a complete turnaround from being reluctant about the initiative to a realisation that an already successful business could benefit… From a results perspective the initiative contributing to achievement of results and ahead of the growth plan. Perhaps most valuable was the changes in behaviours, refreshed motivation and team performance.’